What must be the approach to solve the following question?

A point moves so that its distance from a fixed line is equal to the length of the tangent drawn from it to a given circle. Prove that the locus is a parabola. Find the position of focus and directrix.

On which parameter does the equation of parabola depend?

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You have a line and a circle. You can always move and rotate the coordinate system so that $x$ axis represents the line and the circle has its center on the $y$ axis. Let us assume that circle has radius $R$ and its center $C$ has coordinates $(0,d)$.

Moving point $M$ has coordinates $(x,y)$. Obviously, the distance from the line is defined by it's $y$ coordinate. Now draw a tangent from point $M$ to the circle and denote the touching point with $T$.








And this is obviously the equation of parabola with $y$ axis being its axis of symmetry.

It's a well known fact that for parabola $y=a(x−h)^2+k$, the focus is at $(h,k+\frac{1}{4a})$. In this example $a=\frac1{2d}$, $h=0$, $k=\frac{d^2-R^2}{2d}$.


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