I am looking for a flexible Mathematics degree programme from a reputable institution.

By flexible here I mean:

  • Able to take the programme at one's own pace
  • The option to complete the programme at a good institution
  • Preferably 100% of the course is assessed through a written exam

So far, I am only able to find this.

What other alternatives exists?

Thank you in advance for any recommendations.


Try the open distance learning intstitution, the University of South Africa .


Hope youthis helps


I am answering this question late, but nevertheless here is what I know of:

It is not too difficult to find BS programs in math fitting your criteria, and in fact, there is a public Q&A forum dedicated to distance learning programs, it is called degreeinfo.com in here. Membership is open to public, this forum is centered on regionally accredited schools. You will get tons of info from there.

Hope this help and good luck!


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