I am a fairly new math teacher, and will be teaching high school Precalculus this year! I am lucky, because I get to choose the textbook for my class!

However, I am frustrated because the previous Precalculus books that I have worked with simply rehash algebra and do not prepare the students for the rigor of Calculus. (It's usually in Calculus where I see eager students lose interest in math.)

I am looking for a teacher-recommended Precalculus book that will successfully prepare my students for Calculus. Any teacher recommendations? Thank you!


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    $\begingroup$ Welcome, Gabby! I think that you'll find greater success in getting applicable and helpful answers if you post your question at Mathematics Educators.SE, which is a sister site in the SE network, designed by and for math educators. You might want to search there first, before posting, because I can imagine your question might have come up. $\endgroup$ – Namaste Aug 15 '18 at 23:42
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you. I will do that! $\endgroup$ – Gabrielle Aug 16 '18 at 0:02

There are several texts at different scales of difficulty; I'll leave it to you to evaluate which text is right for you.

Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell: Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, George F. Simmons

Pre-calculus Demystified 2/E, Rhonda Huettenmueller

Concrete Mathematics - Knuth, Graham, and Patashnik

Precalculus - Richard Rusczyk

I tried to arrange them in order of least challenging to most, so please take a look!


I'm no teacher, just an avid math learner. As the commenters note correctly, you probably will get more teacher feedback on a different stack exchange.

  • $\begingroup$ I think the asker made it quite clear that they were looking for feedback from mathematics teachers. Are you in highschool, so you can attest to your experience at the high-school level with pre-cal texts? $\endgroup$ – Namaste Aug 15 '18 at 23:47
  • $\begingroup$ @amWhy I am no longer in High School, but these are the texts I used when in high school. Since I know she's not exactly looking for my feedback, I gave a disclaimer. $\endgroup$ – Don Thousand Aug 15 '18 at 23:48
  • $\begingroup$ Indeed, I see that. It never hurts to add some thoughts from the intended students/audience, (or someone who had been a student in the intended audience). $\endgroup$ – Namaste Aug 15 '18 at 23:49
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you Rushabh. You've been very helpful! I didn't even know that there was a SE for Mathematics Educators amWhy. I will search there now! $\endgroup$ – Gabrielle Aug 16 '18 at 0:05

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