Can one express division as subtraction/addition like one can express multiplication as addition?

Like $2 \times 3 = 2+2+2$, can it also be done on division, like saying "$3$ = the number of times $2$ was subtracted from $6$?"

  • $\begingroup$ You only seem to be considering a specific case where a number is perfectly divisible by another. Are you interested in situations such as $\frac{7}{3}$ ? $\endgroup$ – Mandelbrot Jun 28 '18 at 10:10
  • $\begingroup$ @Bruce yes,im only talking about numbers that are perfectly divisible. $\endgroup$ – 1a2b3c4d Jun 28 '18 at 11:57

Division can just be represented as subtraction or addition.

For example:

$6 \div 3$ can be represented as $6-(3+3)$ or $6-3-3$

Since $6-(3+3)= 0$, we know that 3 can be fitted into 6 two times $3+3$, two 3s.

We basically subtract the dividend by the divisor until it reaches 0. (or less than the divisor, then the remaining is the remainder)

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