Find the area and the angles formed by the diagonals of the rhombus, if its height is two times smaller than the length of its side and is $4.2$.

My attempt

Let's write down the height: $$h=\frac{a}{2}=4.2=\frac{21}{5}$$ From that we have $$\frac{a}{2}=\frac{21}{5}\leftrightarrow5a=42\leftrightarrow a=\frac{42}{5}=8.4$$ Therefore, the area is $$A=\frac{21}{5}\cdot\frac{42}{5}=\frac{882}{25}=35.28$$ I'm quite sure that I've got the area right. I need help with finding the angles. So... can someone help me find them?


hint: Area= Ht*width/2 ; diagonals cut orthogonally!

  • $\begingroup$ Oh yeah... it's the trick question then! $\endgroup$ – Hanlon Jun 17 '18 at 10:35

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