Shelf shopper view point

Goal: Find the point in the shelf where the shopper is looking at. Based on head pose angles (x,y,z) and left- and right eye (x,y) angles. (yaw,pitch,roll)


  • Shelf height 2m (x 1m width)

    Camera position = 1.5m inside the shelf (see picture)

    Camera Resolution = 320px * 180px

    Camera Focal length = 2.3mm

    Camera DPI = 360

    Assume Human Face height (real life) = 18cm

Head Rotation Angle (x,y,z) Eye Rotation (left,right eye) (x,y) relative to the Head Rotation Angle

We can always get the rectangle (face) inside a picture of a picture 320px * 180px (webcam).


1.) Calculate the distance first: I used the formula:

Distance (cam to face) =  Human Face height in real life m * camera focal length (mm) / human face height in picture (mm)


human face height in picture (mm) = 2.54  *  human face height in picture (px) / Camera DPI 

My Problem:

I don’t know if it possible to solve this by somehow calculating a persons height, through knowing the camera offset height. All angles are related to the camera position, but I want to calculate the point being focused on the shelf.

The image is just a 2D example. I believe I need some translation function, rotation (head), rotation (eye) matrix to solve this?

I don’t know what is the best approach. Thank you for help.enter image description here


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