Combinatorics is my weakest Math Olympiad subject and nine out of ten times I am unable to solve a combinatorics problem from my country's mathematical Olympiads (India). I do not have a tutor nor any resources except the internet and AoPS to learn and therefore I need some introductory problem-solving texts to get me going.

I currently know about basic counting principles, linear homogeneous recurrence relations, binomial-theorem, multinomial theorem, basic graph theory, etc. I am referring to Richard A. Brualdi's Introductory Combinatorics as my primary textbook.

What I need now is some Olympiad problem-solving texts or readings which cover everything from the basics to advanced problems. Please suggest some reading material assuming I am a beginner in Olympiad Combinatorics and have no prior knowledge about it.

Thank you.

Edit: I researched and found Chen Chuan Chong's Principles and Techniques in Combinatorics and Titu's Guide to UG Combinatorics. Are these two good books? I am finding the latter one very hard to grasp.



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