Background: I have had for some time a Category Theory webpage (here) which lists about 20 substantial sets of lecture notes on category theory, and another 16 more or less well-known books that have officially been made freely available online. This page is very steadily visited thousands of times a month, so must be being found useful. So I feel I should now trye to maintain it as a contribution to the community.

I'm not aiming to be completist but I do want to cover the good stuff that's available! I have just added a few more links and checked that existing links are still correct. But I'm not a real category theorist myself, so all help/advice for keeping it updated is gratefully received. So now the query to anyone teaching/working on category theory or who has recently done a course:

Any recommendations of further substantial sets of lecture notes on category theory at introductory/intermediate level, in particular recent ones?

And any pointers to further books previously only available in dead tree form that have recently been made officially available online for free download?

(By 'recent', say sometime in the last two or three years.)


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It's not that recent, but drafts of the book "Algebraic Theories: A Categorical Introduction to General Algebra" by Adamek, Rosicky and Vitale are available on Adamek's and Vitale's webpages (Vitale's version is more recent, and slightly longer). It is published by Cambridge University Press, and I think they allow authors to put their drafts online (similarly to Emily Riehl's "Category Theory in Context" that you put on your page).


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