my homework asks us to find the particular solution to a second Order non-homogeneous differential equation with given y1 and y2 in which we are supposed to use to use along with the formula of Variation of Parameters.

What have i tried? Well, I've tried using Method of Undetermined Coefficients to check my work but i keep getting a different answer, and I've confirmed that the second particular solution(Through Undetermined Coefficients) I've obtained is correct.

Problem:What is the mistake i am making when i am using Variation of Parameters? I keep getting $\frac{-xcos + sinx}{2}$ when the CORRECT answer is $\frac{-xcosx}{2}$ as seen through the Method of Undetermined Coefficients

Thank you all.

Variation Of Parameters

Method of Undetermined Coefficients


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The $\sin x/2$ bit is part of the homogeneous solution, so it would normally be dropped.


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