Differential equation. How do you solve this ?


set $u = \dfrac yx$, then $y' = u'x + u$,

$$u'x + u = -\frac{1+u}{1+2u}$$ $$u'x = -\frac{2u^2+2u+1}{1+2u}$$ $$\frac{(1+2u)u'}{2u^2+2u+1} = -\frac1x$$

I solved it so far but I do not know anymore

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  • $\begingroup$ Hint: $$2\frac{(1+2u)u'}{2u^2+2u+1} =\frac{(2u^2+2u+1)'}{2u^2+2u+1}=(\ln(2u^2+2u+1))'$$ Can you proceed now? $\endgroup$ – Did Feb 24 '18 at 8:22

\begin{align*} y'&=-\frac{x+y}{x+2y}\\ xy'+2yy'&=-x-y\\ y+xy'+2yy'&=-x\\ (xy+y^2)'&=-x \end{align*} So if you denote $z=xy+y^2$, you have $$z'=-x$$ and you can get that \begin{align*} z&=-\frac{x^2}2+C\\ y^2+yx+\frac{x^2}2-C&=0 \end{align*} and now you can find $y$ using the quadratic formula: $$y=\frac{-x\pm\sqrt{4C-x^2}}2.$$

For comparison, here is what you get in WolframAlpha.

You can also check what you get after typing y'=-(x+y)/(x+2y) into Mathematical Assistant on Web - Ordinary differential equations. Here is link to the output.


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