1. If radius of convergence of $\sum c_{n}x^{n}$ and $\sum d_{n}x^{n}$ is given say $a_{1}$ and $a_{2}$ respectively,then how can I find the radius of convergence of $\sum (c_{n}+d_{n})x^{n}$

  2. Given power series say $\sum_{n=0}^{\infty} a_{n}x^{n}$ has radius of convergence $R$,then what is the radius of convergence of $\sum a_{n}^{m}x^{n}$,$m$ is positive integer.


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**just a hint **

Let $a=\min (a_1,a_2). $

if $|x|<a $ then $\sum (c_n+d_n)x^n $ converges .

for the second, the ratio $\frac {a_n^m}{a_{n+1}^m} $ goes to $R^m $ if $R $ is the radius of $\sum a_nx^n $.


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