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After what feels like an embarrassing hour of scribbling I can't seem to find a direct solution to the following problem

$Show \space that: a^2 + b^2 + c^2 \geq ab+bc+ca \space \space \forall [a,b,c] \in Z^{+}_0 $

I've tried placing each integer in an arbitrary order like so:

$a\leq b \therefore ab \leq b^2$

$b \leq c \therefore bc \leq c^2 \implies$

$a \leq c \therefore$ $ac \leq c^2$

Naturally I tried to add up the inequalities but this clearly yielded no results, but by nature of the third inequality I run into issues; what have I missed?


I've constructed newer perhaps more insightful inequalities from one of the Dr's answer below:

$a-b \leq ab \leq b^2$

$b-c \leq bc \leq c^2$

$a-c \leq ac \leq c^2$


While I've seen this flagged as a possible duplicate, this question appears towards the beginning of an intro book to mathematical proofs without any prior knowledge given, I feel aso though this should be provable using pure inequalities from first principals


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HINT: this is equivalent to $$(a-b)^2+(b-c)^2+(c-a)^2\geq 0$$ which is true. this is also true for all real numbers $a,b,c$

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