Let $X$ be a Hausdorff compact space; let $\{A_n\}$ be a countable collection of closed set of $X$. Show that if each set $A_n$ has empty interior in $X$, then the union $\bigcup A_n$ has empty interior in $X$.

My solution:

Suppose that, $U=$ interior of $\bigcup A_n$ is nonempty. Then any open subset of $U$ can not have isolated point, since then all interior of $A_n$ can not be empty. (If $U$ have isolated point, then for some $x\in X$ with $\{x\}\subset U$ is an open set, then it must be a subset of some $A_n$, since $\{x\}$ do not intersects with $X-A_n$).

Let, $x_1\in A_1$. Choose a point $x_2\in U$ that do not contain in $A_1$. Now choose disjoint sets $W_1$ and $W_2$ about $x_1$ and $x_2$. Now, take $V_1=W_2\cap U\cap A^c_1$. Then, $x_1$ do not contain in $\bar V_1$.

Again do this: There exist an $k_1$ such that $x_2\in A_{k_1}$. Choose a point $x_3\in V_1$ that do not contain in $A_{k_1}$. Now choose disjoint sets $W_3$ and $W_4$ about $x_2$ and $x_3$. Now, take $V_2=W_4\cap U\cap A^c_{k_1}$. Then, $x_2$ do not contain in $\bar V_2$.

In this way we can find a collection of closed sets $\{\bar V_n\}$ such that $$\bar V_1\supset \bar V_2\supset\bar V_3\supset\dots$$

Note that, since $X$ is compact, $\bigcap \bar V_n$ is nonempty. Let, $x\in \bigcap \bar V_n$.

Interior of $A_n$ is empty and $x\notin A_n$ for all $n$ leads to a contradiction.

Is this solution ok? Any help appreciated.

Sorry that I published same question twice. I marked the other one duplicate.

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