I want to know given the original price and discount value how can i find the discount percentage e.g

SUB-TOTAL:  $209,055.00
One -Time Special Discount  :	-$38,000.00
Grand Total :   $171,055.00
  • $\begingroup$ Use Discount/Original Price x 100% to compute the discount in % $\endgroup$
    – Math Lover
    Oct 20 '17 at 16:24

Anytime you are talking about discounted prices you can use the following equations to find either the original amount, new price, discount amount, or discount percentage:

equation 1: original amount - discount amount = new amount equation 2: discount amount = (original amount) * ( the decimal form of percent discount)

Since we know the discount amount and the original amount then we can use equation 2 to solve for the decimal form of the percent discount. You can then change this into a percentage by moving the decimal place two to the left (same as multiplying by 100).


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