An 8-persons committee is to be formed out of a group of 15 women and 12 men. In how many ways can the committee be chosen if there must be at least two men?

Please check my answer

I started the problem by finding all possible committees without gender concern that is


and I am not sure how to find answer directly. I choose to find from the case that violates the condition that is


the answer is


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  • $\;\binom{12}{0}\binom{15}{8}$ committees with $0$ men.
  • $\;\binom{12}{1}\binom{15}{7}$ committees with $1$ man.

Hence the number of committees with at least $2$ men is $$ {\small{\binom{27}{8}}}-\left( {\small{\binom{12}{0}}}{\small{\binom{15}{8}}} + {\small{\binom{12}{1}}}{\small{\binom{15}{7}}} \right) $$


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