If I have a number I'm keeping track of for the entire week, and I want to calculate for a given day, what that day's percentage increase/decrease is based off the average number in a week..

So for instance, calorie intake..

If my week looks something like this:

mon: 1500,
tue: 1900,
wed: 1800,
thu: 2500,
fri: 2000,
sat: 0,
sun: 0,
total: 9700

And I want to know what the percentage increase/decrease is for Friday

Here's how I'm doing it but I'm not sure if this is correct..

(((total/number of days)-fri)/(total/number of days)*100)

This results in the answer being: -3.09% but that doesn't sound right.. the average for the week is 1940 and 2000 would be an increase...

Any thoughts? Thank you!


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It is ((fri - (total/number of days))/(total/number of days)*100)


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