I am searching for a reference for the law of iterated logarithm for the fractional Brownian motion.

As seen here a LIL for the fBM is given, but the author of the answer is not sure about the form of that $\limsup$; nevertheless he gives a reference (the Lifshits book). I searched in it profusely. I found a functional law of the IL, but it seems working only on the standard BM.

Then I tried to search following the author of the LIL for fBM: Oodaira, without finding anything.

Finally I searched on the web, but -and this sounds quite strange!- without any significant result.

Can someone give me a precise reference in which one can find the statement (and possibly, but not necessarily,the proof) of the law of the iterated logarithm for the fractional Brownian motion?


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