In Adams and Fournier (1) Theorem 4.12 they present a very comprehensive collection of embedding results for Sobolev spaces of integer orders. From results such as Theorem 5.1 in Amann (2) (see answer here for summary of the theorem) it would appear that at least some of these embedding results generalizes to fractional order Sobolev spaces. Is it known if all the embedding results generalize to fractional order Sobolev spaces*), and if so, is there a nice comprehensive reference like in Adams and Fournier available, that someone could refer me to?

*) That is, (in case you have the book available), can we in general obtain the same results but for $ j\geq 0 $ and $ m\geq 1 $ in the theorem chosen as reals?

(1) Adams & Fournier, Sobolev Spaces
(2) Amann, Herbert. Compact embeddings of vector-valued Sobolev and Besov spaces. Dedicated to the memory of Branko Najman. Glas. Mat. Ser. III 35(55) (2000), no. 1, 161--177. MR1783238


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