I want to know if the given degree sequence is graphical based on the Havel-Hakimi theorem. 5;4;4;3;3;2. I ended up with 0,0,1. Which would show that the sequence is not grpahical, is that correct ?

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    $\begingroup$ Yes. Think about how many odd valency verticies there will be. $\endgroup$ – Donald Splutterwit Aug 4 '17 at 19:26

Your initial disqualifier there is the odd count of odd-degree nodes.

Your Havel-Hakimi calculation is correct:

$\begin{array}{c} 5&4&4&3&3&2\\ &3&3&2&2&1\\ &&2&1&1&1\\ &&&0&0&1\\ \end{array}$

For a six-node graph with the degree sequence starting $5,4,4,...$ the full-sequence options are:



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