1. If the equation $$\log_{10}(ax)\log_{10}(bx)+1=0$$ with $a>0$, $b>0$ constants has a solution $x>0$, it follows that $\frac ba \geq ans_{1}$ or $ans_{2}\geq \frac ba >ans_{3}$

  2. If $$\cos\theta=\sqrt{\frac 12+\frac1{2\sqrt2}}$$ and $$\sin\theta=-\sqrt{\frac 12-\frac 1{2\sqrt2}}$$ with $0\leq \theta <2\pi$, it follows that $2\theta=ans_{4}\pi$

  3. If $$y=\log_2\left(x+\sqrt{x_2+1}\right)$$ then $2^y-2^{-y}=ans_{5}x$

  4. The function $$f(x)=\log_2(\log_3(\log_2(\log_3(\log_2x))))$$ has the interval $x>ans_{6}$ as its maximum domain on real numbers

Find $ans_1,\cdots, ans_6$

I've no foundation in these but I'd appreciate if anyone could provide explanation for them. I've seen the answer but couldn't make anything from it.

EDIT: Sorry if this violated the rules here, apparently someone helped translate the whole thing into texts, I appreciate your help. Mods can you close the question? I'll do it right next time around :)


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NOTE: I removed the answer due to Blue's comment above. If you already have it, fine, but refer to Blue's comment for asking future questions.

Hints for #2:

  • Square $\cos \theta$ and $\sin \theta$.

  • Since we're looking for $2 \theta$, which trigonometric function applies?

  • Your angles within the range you're looking for are in the first and fourth quadrants.


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