Exterior product: Let $V$ be a vector space over $F_2$. Define $Sym^2(V)$ as the fixed of $σ$ and $ \Lambda^2(V)= V \otimes V/Sym^2(V) $. List all elements of $\Lambda^2(F_2^3)$ and write its addition table.

Here is what I got so far so I wrote it down but I don't know how to continue. Could anyone help me out?

enter image description here


Denote $e_1 = (1,0,0), e_2 = (0,1,0), e_3 = (0,0,1)$.

You already noted that the vectors $e_i \otimes e_j$ form a basis of $V \otimes V$. It follows that the vectors $e_i \otimes e_j + Sym^2(V)$ form a spanning set of the quotient space $(V \otimes V)/ Sym^2(V)$. It follows that any maixmal linearly independent subset of those vectors will be a basis for our quotient space.

Now, consider the vectors $$ e_1 \otimes e_2 + Sym^2(V), \quad e_1 \otimes e_3 + Sym^2(V), \quad e_2 \otimes e_3 + Sym^2(V), \quad $$ Why do these vectors form a maximal linearly independent set? That is, why does adding any vector $e_i \otimes e_j + Sym^2(V)$ make our set linearly dependent? Once you answer that, you can know with certainty (by the "dimension theorem" of linear algebra) that this set is a basis.

I'll leave it to you to work through the addition table.


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