3 Brothers named A,B,C are calling a radiohost.The probability of A calling radio suscesfully is %48 ,B's %34 ,C's %18.And even if they reach the host , possiblity of host reading their messages; A-%14 ,B-%8,C%2.If we know host read messages of one of that brothers , what is the probability of the message reading is brother A's. $$ P(A|B)=P(A \cap B)/P(B) = 0.48 * 0.14/ 0.22 $$ Is that logic correct?

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Probability of A calling the radiohost: $P(A)=48%$; $P(B)=34%$; $P(C)=18%$; Probability that host will read messages is $P\left(\frac{A}{H}\right)=14%$; $P\left(\frac{B}{H}\right)=8%$; $P\left(\frac{C}{H}\right)=2%$

Now you have to find probability that the message he reads is of A therefore the formula you must use is: $$P\left(\frac{H}{A}\right)= \frac{P\left(\frac{A}{H}\right) \cdot P(A)}{P \left(\frac{A}{H}\right)\cdot P(A)+P\left(\frac{B}{H}\right) \cdot P(B)+P\left(\frac{C}{H}\right) \cdot P(C)}$$

Now just substitute the values

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