I need to prove $\vert2n^5 − n^3 + 2000|\geq 2n^5 − |n^3 − 2000|,\;$ with $n$ being a natural number.

I understand that I need to use a triangle inequality:

$$|x-y|\geq |x|-|y|$$ but I don't understand how to take them from just using x and y to actually having $x, y$ representing functions of $n$.

Mostly, I don't quite understand how to figure out what $x$ and $y$ are equal to in order to start this proof.

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  • $\begingroup$ can you define $n$? $\endgroup$ – mrnovice Apr 20 '17 at 22:36
  • $\begingroup$ n is a natural number @mrnovice $\endgroup$ – Katiee Apr 20 '17 at 22:37
  • $\begingroup$ Let $a = 2n^5$ and $b = n^3 - 2000$ then you are being asked to prove $|a-b| \ge a + |b|$. Can you do that? $\endgroup$ – fleablood Apr 20 '17 at 22:41
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$$|2n^5-n^3+2000|\geq 2n^5-|n^3-2000|\iff|-2000+n^3|+|2n^5-n^3+2000|\geq2n^5$$

The triangle inequality tells us $$|x|+|y|\geq|x+y|$$

So let $x = -2000+n^3,\quad y=2n^5-n^3+2000,\quad$then:

$x+y = 2n^5,\quad$ and:

$$|x|+|y| = |-2000+n^3|+|2n^5-n^3+2000|\geq|2n^5|=2n^5\quad\text{since n}\in\mathbb{N}$$


You need to use that $$|x-y|\geq x-y \geq x-|y|$$

and now just plug-in: $x=2n^5,$ $y=n^3-2000.$


$|a + b| \le |a| + |b|$

$|a+ b|-|b| \le |a|$

$\pm(a+b) - |b| \le |a|$

$(a+b) - |b| \le |a|$.

Let $a = 2n^5 -n^3 +2000$ and $b = n^3 - 2000$.


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