This thread here about iPad is getting Android -answers that belong to other thread.

I am interested in things such as real-time TeXing, LaTeX recognition, writing math by styluses/keyboards, teaching -- anything that can be useful for mathematicians and students alike to work.

So can you use Android devices for reading textbooks and writing math by hand?

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Because most Android devices lack proper screens, precision writing with things such as Jot Pro do not work. Your best bet for precision writing with Android is to get a Thinkpad x220 tablet or similar. More about this here. I use Maglus stylus in Android devices because the precision tools do not work. Then I use finger-writing tools below, free and good enough to have an old Android phone for casual uses such as finding certain Greek alphabets.

Apps with Finger-writing

The apps below do not work with precision writing with Jot because most Android devices do not have good-enough display. Currently, the only way to test whether Jot works with a display is to test it: even certain better-than-retina-displays do not work with Jot.

I. Detexify here

enter image description here

II. OCR MyScript -calculator here

enter image description here


I use Gooseneck 1/4, Balljoint 1/4 and camera-phone-mount here to have my hands free while working with things. Sometimes, I use a macro flash for near-photographs with a DSL camera for very precise photographs. Phone-camera works however for casual photos such as note-taking.

enter image description here

P.s. For future, there is a software called Screenshot UX here for sharing sheetshots in Android devices but it requires rooted phone. By this tool, you can easily show and recommend apps.


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