I was experimenting with discretizations of the gyroid minimal surface in Rhino (3d modelling software), and modelled this infinite polyhedron, and wondered what it is called.
I didn't find any documentation of it yet, but perhaps I am not searching for the right terms. All its faces are the same isosceles triangle (with angles of approx. 56.8°, 56.8°, 66.4°), and it has 2 types of vertices (with either 6 or 8 surrounding faces):

Image of the polyhedron

Applying Loop subdivision to this mesh gives a good approximation of the gyroid periodic minimal surface.

I found some other examples of infinite polyhedra with gyroid topology here: https://theinnerframe.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/the-gyroids-algorithmic-geometry-iii/
but so far nothing with the same polyhedron as in my model.


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