Show that the number of ways in which the letters of the word "arrange" can be arranged so that the two r's are not consecutive is $900$.


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  1. Number of arrangements of AANGE is $\frac{5!}{2!}=60$
  2. In every arrangement of AANGE we can select two different positions where to put additional R in ${6 \choose 2}=15$ ways
  3. Number of our arrangemenst of ARRANGE without consecutive Rs is then $60\cdot 15=900$

Here, Total number of letter(n) = 7 Since letter R is repeated twice and letter A is repeated twice, So the total arrangement of letter "arrange" is(x) =n!/(2!*2!) =7!/(2!*2!) =1260

Now, The arrangement of letter"arrange" when the letter r comes together(m) = 6!/(2!) =360 So, The total arrangement of letter "arrange" when two r's does not come together is = x - m = 1260-360 = 900

Hence The total arrangement is 900 for r not coming together.


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