We can see that,

  1. $9^1=9$
  2. $9^2=81$
  3. $9^3=729$
  4. $9^4=6561$ if there exists such n then what is the prove. Thank you.

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The base 10 log shows us how many digits there are in the decimal expansion. Notice how $log_{10}100=2$



The number of digits in $x$ is given by the formula:


Where $\lfloor{z}\rfloor$ is the number $z$ rounded down to the nearest integer.

So for your question you can use this formula:

$\lfloor{log_{10}9^n}\rfloor+1 < n$

Use laws of logs to simplify:

$\lfloor{nlog_{10}9}\rfloor < n-1$

From the definition of the floor function clearly

$\lfloor{nlog_{10}9}\rfloor \leq nlog_{10}9 < n-1$

Therefore we can get a lower bound for $n$ by solving

$nlog_{10}9 < n-1$

$1 < n(1-log_{10}9)$

$21.85 < n$

Therefore you only have to search for $n \geq 22$

You can see that $9^{22}=9.85\times 10^{20}$ which clearly has 21 digits


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