So, a little bit of background, I am currently studying to get a Computer Systems Engineering degree at one of the best universities at Mexico, I've never been a good student, I used to study medicine for two and a half years and then I switched to Computer Systems, as a result of personal experiences I developed clinical depression since a very young age about 8-10 and this may be the cause of my poor performance as a student, school always felt like a hassle to me and I just pretty much just wanted to do something else all of the time.

I am at my 7th semester of my degree and I knew when I switched from medicine to Engineering that I would have a painful time trying to pass my math subjects, which is what happened, I had to take mathematics 1 three times and right now I am struggling with multivariable calculus, but even though it's always been hard for me last semester I decided to teach myself mathematics from the very basics, so I decided to do it by using khan academy, as of 2/16/2017 I have 56% of the world of math mission, a 140 day streak of doing math every day(even though some days I have just been able to see a 5 minute video) as far as my background goes that's about it, but now I am faced with a decision, I have enjoyed learning mathematics @ khan academy and I feel like pursuing a degree in pure mathematics, but lately speaking with my therapist he has been asking the hard questions, how am I going to study a bachelor's in mathematics if it has been a subject which I've struggled my whole life and just recently developed a liking for it.

So that is basically it, any comments are accepted, also I've decided to not stop my streak of studying math @ khan academy until I get the 100% of the curriculum of math.


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