Help me please. How can i solve that below equation system ?





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Borrowing code from the stackoverflow question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17013941/implementation-hyperchaotic-lorenz-in-matlab, one could implement this system and its solution as (untested)

function Y=bacteriophage(a,b,k,L,m,T,x0,y0,v0)
  [T,Y]=ode45(system,T,[x0; y0; v0]);
  function out=system(t,state)
    x = state(1); y=state(2), v=state(3)
    out= [

a = 0.1121*exp(0.0634); %replication coefficient of bacteria
b = 1*10^(-6); % the transmission coefficient
k = 0.706;     % the lysis rate coefficient
L = 50;        % the burst size
m = 4.8;       % the decay rate of free phage
x0= 1.9*10^4; % initial condition for x(t)
y0= 5.4*10^3; % initial condition for y(t)
v0= 7.4*10^4; % initial condition for v(t)
T = 0:0.001:3;

Matlab have full support to solve ODE's. You can find the documentation here.

Basically, you will need to create a function defining this system of equations and pass a function handler to ode45 or any other ODE solver. You can find a more detailed explanaition at the links I have indicated.