I am creating a spreadsheet to calculate Adword formulas and I am stuck in how to calculate the Monthly Net Income for each keyword. I have created a formula which calculates it but can't figure out how to limit the Monthly Budget.

The formula I've created is this one:

Monthly Net Income = ( DailyClicks x ConversionRate x SaleProfit) - ( CPC x DailyClicks )

There is an example of the formula in the file which is a Google Spreadsheet publicly available here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AnQMyM9XJ0EidDB6TUF0OTdaZ2dFb2ZGNmhQeE5lb0E&hl=en_GB#gid=2

(you can create your own copy going to File > Make a copy...)

I am releasing this set of tools as Public Domain so feel free to use it :)

Any help is much appreciated!


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the formula as presented is not calculating the monthly net income, it is calculating the daily net income

assuming 30 days/month, divide the monthly budget by 30 to get a daily budget

then limit the DailyClicks to be no more than DailyBudget / CPC


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