Given a set $A = \{a_1, a_2, ... , a_n\}$
And a set $B = \{b_1, b_2, ..., b_n\}$ where $n > 0$ (neither $A$ nor $B$ are $\emptyset$) and $a_1 \ne a_2 \ne ... \ne a_n$
With no further restrictions on $B$ does there always exist a polynomial function, $P$, with $order \le n $ such that $P(a_n)=b_n$?

Thanks :)


Hint: use Lagrange interpolation:

$P=\sum_{i=1,..,n} b_i{{(X-a_1)..(X-a_{i-1})(X-a_{i+1})..(X-a_n)}\over{(a_i-a_1)..(a_i-a_{i-1})(a_i-a_{i+1})..(a_i-a_n)}}$

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  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! This is really cool! $\endgroup$ – Oisín Moran Oct 30 '16 at 19:18

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