I am a master's student in the School of Software Engineering and I have a question in math and in particular to give a label symbols.

For example,

the size of the basic block writes like this SBB the size of the whole program , SWB.

I have introduced some mathematical relation in my thesis and would ask you if these labels are correct or not.

SULi : the size of unrolled loop i , where i in [1,n]

SOLi : the size of original loop i

Nli : Number of times unrolling loop i

(i.e. assume that we have a loop and n=10, then we unroll loop 10 times)

NPET : New Program Execution Time

OPET : Old Program Execution Time

NPZ : New Program Size

OPZ : Old Program Size

Note( I am so sorry if this question is not appropriate for this forum, But I have mentioned that I am not a math student)

Thanks for any help


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You assume society maintains some global standard of what constitutes acceptable notation. It does not. It is not unusual for a mathematician to introduce his/her own notation for describing something; then what matters is whether this helps the reader better understand what is being talked about, and whether this helps the author derive proofs. Sometimes the notation takes on a larger life beyond the one paper; usually not.

The notation you introduce doesn't look bad to me, but of course I haven't seen how you use it in your thesis. I recommend you review your notation with your advisor, who should be able to tell you if it helps or hurts comprehension of your thesis.


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