Emma is employing Ian to build a deck at her house.

She provides all the building material

She pays Ian $P for the number of hours h that he works.

She also pays Ian's travels fee to her home each day. Ian works for 8 hours each day.

He knows the deck will take more than 4 hours to build.

To help Emma know how much she can expect to pay, Ian provides her the following table:

Number of hours worked (h) Payment (p)

    4                                      160
    5                                      185
    6                                      210
    7                                      235
    8                                      260
    9                                      345
    10                                     3770

How much would Emma pay if the work took 30 hours?

I am just confused about how to find out how much you need to pay from travel. Do you pay him at the end of 8 hours or every 5 hours.

So would it be:

30x25=750 (Labour)

3x60=180 (Travel)

TOtal- 930

Is this correct or have I done something incorrect with the travel fee?


First, I think the last line is a typo and should be 370, not 3770.

We can see from the table that each additional hour of labor costs \$25, so you've worked that out correctly. Then for 4 hours work, the fee is \$160, which means the travel fee is $160 - 4\times 25 = 60$, so you've work that out correctly two. If he works 8 hours per day, then in three days, he can put in only 24 hours. So he'll have to make the trip 4 times and put in 6 hours on the last day. So the travel fee should be $4\times 60 = 240$. So I the final total is $30\times 25 + 240 = 990.$ I think you just missed a day of travel.


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