I want to self-study Banchoff-Wermer's book over the summer. I will take Analytic Geometry and Linear Algebra course this semester. We will use Wermer-Banchoff's book Linear Algebra Through Geometry. I viewed this book but I don't have enough information about this book.

Can you give me suggestion for self-study this book? What should be prerequisites for study of the book?


From the preface to the book, which you can (usually) see on Amazon,

"Except for Chapter 8, the student need only know basic high-school algebra and geometry and introductory trigonometry in order to read this book. In fact, we believe that high-school seniors who are interested in mathematics could read much of this book on their own. To read Chapter 8, students should have a knowledge of elementary calculus."

For the record, the book has some mixed reviews on Amazon (which you might want to read).

For what it's worth, in principle I think I agree with the book's overall approach, but it might be tricky to pull-off. Be sure to use other study sources (good advice in any regard), which you can find, for example, here. In particular I recommend the books by Strang and the book by Hefferon for a first course.


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