$$ \begin{align} 2z &= 1-\sqrt{x} \\ 2y &= 1-\sqrt{z} \\ 2x &= 1-\sqrt{y} \end{align} $$ Is there a way to solve it? I have tried using simultaneous equations, but it ends up with 0=0. I have tried squaring both sides and getting rid of one variable, but it just ends up with 0=0 in the end, is it that there is multiple real solutions? I'm confused because the question states to find all real solutions. Is it a function or is there actually solutions?

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Eliminate the square roots by rewriting


Then by substitution you obtain a nice polynomial equation,


that has $8$ real roots in $[0,1]$, among which $\frac14$ and $1$.

enter image description here

All these roots are valid solutions, as they yield positive RHS.

Better, if you set $x=\cos^2(w)$, the equation is

$$\cos(u)=1-2\cos^2(w)=-\cos(2w),\\ \cos(v)=1-2\cos^2(2w)=-\cos(4w),\\ \cos(w)=1-2\cos^2(2w)=-\cos(8w),$$


$$w=\pm(\pi-8w)+2k\pi.$$ For completeness, the signs must be discussed.


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