For Chi-Squared test on contingency tables there is a proof to get from: $\sum\frac{(O_i - E_i)^2}{E_i}$ which equals $\frac{N(ad-bc)^2}{(a+b)(c+d)(a+c)(b+d)}$

Can anyone explain the steps in the proof i know how to get from one to other but not sure why certain steps happen!

Below ill put the proof if anyone wants to see it or can explain it?


  • $\begingroup$ The first step is to calculate the expected value for each observed value of a, b, c and d. These are: a= (a+b)(a+c)/N, b=(a+b)(b+d)/N, c=(a+c)(c+d)/N and d=(b+d)(c+d)/N and i understand where this comes from. $\endgroup$
    – lilne
    Mar 19, 2016 at 10:24
  • $\begingroup$ Next we take away the observed from expected, square it and divide be expected this gives the following for terms which are summed together: [a-(a-(a+b)(a+c)/N)^2/((a+b)(a+c)/N)+(b-(a+b)(b+d)/N)^2/((a+b)(b+d)/N)+(c-(a+c)(c+d)/N)^2/((a+c)(c+d)/N)+(d-(b+d)(c+d)/N)^2/((c+d)(b+d)/N) and again i understand this step. the next however causes some confusion $\endgroup$
    – lilne
    Mar 19, 2016 at 10:28
  • $\begingroup$ How do i get from the above to this ill just show the firs term as a lot to type {((ad-bc)^2)/N]*(N/((a+b)(a+c))). No clue how the first term above becomes this! $\endgroup$
    – lilne
    Mar 19, 2016 at 10:29
  • $\begingroup$ You need to start with $\sum_{i,j} \frac{(O_{ij}-E_{ij})^2}{E_{if}},$ where the sum is taken over $i = 1,2; j=1,2$. This formula works only for $2 \times 2$ tables. The idea is that $O_{11} = a,\, O_{12} = b,$ and so on. Also, pay attention to how the four $E_{ij}$'s are computed from $a, b, c,$ and $d.$ I have done this, and it can be done. But have coffee first. $\endgroup$
    – BruceET
    Mar 19, 2016 at 17:26
  • $\begingroup$ Haha I'm ready for the explanation $\endgroup$
    – lilne
    Mar 19, 2016 at 19:26

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Same way, but done by human:

Starting with $\chi^2=\sum^4_{i=1}\frac{(o_i-e_i)^2}{e_i}$, and expand the square: $$\chi^2=\sum^4_{i=1}\frac{(o_i-e_i)^2}{e_i}=\sum^4_{i=1}\bigl(\frac{o_i^2}{e_i}-2o_i+e_i\bigr)=\sum^4_{i=1}\frac{o_i^2}{e_i}-n$$ (since $\sum o_i=\sum e_i =n$)

Substitute the values in: $$\chi^2=\frac{na^2}{(a+c)(a+b)}-a+\frac{nb^2}{(b+d)(a+b)}-b+\frac{nc^2}{(a+c)(c+d)}-c+\frac{nd^2}{(c+d)(b+d)}-d$$

Notice: $$an-(a+c)(a+b)=a(a+b+c+d)-(a+c)(a+b)=ad-bc$$

So, $$\frac{a}{(a+c)(a+b)}[na-(a+c)(a+b)]=\frac{a(ad-bc)}{(a+c)(a+b)}$$

Do the same thing for b,c,d.

It now gets fairly staight forward


I went through the same problem as yours. I used Mathematica to ease the computations.

$\chi ^2=\sum _{i=1}^4 \frac{(O_i-E_i)^2}{E_i}=\frac{n(a d-b c)^2}{(a+c)(b+d)(a+b)(c+d)}$

$O_i$ are the observed values, $O_1=a, O_2=b,O_3=c$ and $O_4=d$

$E_i$ are the expected values, $E_1=\frac{(a+b)(a+c)}{n}, E_2=\frac{(a+b)(b+d)}{n},E_3=\frac{(a+c)(c+d)}{n}$ and $E_4=\frac{(b+d)(c+d)}{n}$

Then by expanding the summation we have: $\sum _{i=1}^4 \frac{(O_i-E_i)^2}{E_i}=\frac{(O_1-E_1)^2}{E_1}+\frac{(O_2-E_2)^2}{E_2}+\frac{(O_3-E_3)^2}{E_3}+\frac{(O_4-E_4)^2}{E_4}$

Substituting in the summation we have:

$\frac{n\left(a-\frac{(a + b)(a+c)}{n}\right)^2}{(a + b)(a+c)}+\frac{n\left(b-\frac{(a + b)(b+d)}{n}\right)^2}{(a + b)(b+d)}+\frac{n\left(c-\frac{(a + c)(c+d)}{n}\right)^2}{(a + c)(c+d)}+\frac{n\left(d-\frac{(b + d)(c+d)}{n}\right)^2}{(b + d)(c+d)}$

$\text{Simplify}\left[\frac{n\left(a-\frac{(a + b)(a+c)}{n}\right)^2}{(a + b)(a+c)}+\frac{n\left(b-\frac{(a + b)(b+d)}{n}\right)^2}{(a + b)(b+d)}+\frac{n\left(c-\frac{(a + c)(c+d)}{n}\right)^2}{(a + c)(c+d)}+\frac{n\left(d-\frac{(b + d)(c+d)}{n}\right)^2}{(b + d)(c+d)}\right]$

$\frac{((b+d) (c+d) ((a+b) (a+c)-a n)^2+(a+c) (c+d) ((a+b) (b+d)-b n)^2+(a+b) (b+d) ((a+c) (c+d)-c n)^2+(a+b) (a+c) ((b+d) (c+d)-d n)^2}{((a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n)}$

Then expanding the numerator and distributing the denominator all over we have:

$\text{Expand}[\frac{((b+d) (c+d) ((a+b) (a+c)-a n)^2+(a+c) (c+d) ((a+b) (b+d)-b n)^2+(a+b) (b+d) ((a+c) (c+d)-c n)^2+(a+b) (a+c) ((b+d) (c+d)-d n)^2}{((a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n)}]$

$ -\frac{2 a^3 b c}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{4 a^2 b^2 c}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 a b^3 c}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{4 a^2 b c^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{6 a b^2 c^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 b^3 c^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 a b c^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 b^2 c^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 a^3 b d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{4 a^2 b^2 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 a b^3 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 a^3 c d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{10 a^2 b c d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{10 a b^2 c d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 b^3 c d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{4 a^2 c^2 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{10 a b c^2 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{6 b^2 c^2 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 a c^3 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 b c^3 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 a^3 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{6 a^2 b d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{4 a b^2 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{6 a^2 c d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{10 a b c d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{4 b^2 c d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{4 a c^2 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{4 b c^2 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 a^2 d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 a b d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 a c d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}-\frac{2 b c d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{a^4 b c}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a^3 b^2 c}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a^2 b^3 c}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a b^4 c}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a^3 b c^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{7 a^2 b^2 c^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{5 a b^3 c^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{b^4 c^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a^2 b c^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{5 a b^2 c^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{2 b^3 c^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a b c^4}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{b^2 c^4}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a^4 b d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a^3 b^2 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a^2 b^3 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a b^4 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a^4 c d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{8 a^3 b c d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{14 a^2 b^2 c d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{8 a b^3 c d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{b^4 c d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a^3 c^2 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{14 a^2 b c^2 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{16 a b^2 c^2 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{5 b^3 c^2 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a^2 c^3 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{8 a b c^3 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{5 b^2 c^3 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a c^4 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{b c^4 d}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a^4 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{5 a^3 b d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{7 a^2 b^2 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a b^3 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{5 a^3 c d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{16 a^2 b c d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{14 a b^2 c d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 b^3 c d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{7 a^2 c^2 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{14 a b c^2 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{7 b^2 c^2 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a c^3 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 b c^3 d^2}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{2 a^3 d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{5 a^2 b d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a b^2 d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{5 a^2 c d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{8 a b c d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 b^2 c d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 a c^2 d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{3 b c^2 d^3}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a^2 d^4}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a b d^4}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a c d^4}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{b c d^4}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d) n}+\frac{a^2 b c n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{a b^2 c n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{a b c^2 n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{2 b^2 c^2 n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{a^2 b d n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{a b^2 d n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{a^2 c d n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{b^2 c d n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{a c^2 d n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{b c^2 d n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{2 a^2 d^2 n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{a b d^2 n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{a c d^2 n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}+\frac{b c d^2 n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)} $

Then we fully simplify that messy horrible thing

FullSimplify[Messy horrible thing from above]

$ -2 (a+b+c+d)+\frac{(a+b+c+d)^2}{n}+\frac{\left(b c (d (c+d)+b (2 c+d))+a^2 (b (c+d)+d (c+2 d))+a \left(b^2 (c+d)+c d (c+d)+b \left(c^2+d^2\right)\right)\right) n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)} $

Up to this point we observe we have the term $(a + b + c + d)$ which we know is equivalent to $n$. We substitute that by $n$ in the following equation and simplify

$ \text{Simplify}[-2 (n)+\frac{(n)^2}{n}+\frac{\left(b c (d (c+d)+b (2 c+d))+a^2 (b (c+d)+d (c+2 d))+a \left(b^2 (c+d)+c d (c+d)+b \left(c^2+d^2\right)\right)\right) n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)}] $

$ \frac{(b c-a d)^2 n}{(a+b) (a+c) (b+d) (c+d)} $

There you go, hope this helps.


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