I have 1: a right angled triangle, 2: an isosceles triangle, 3: a rectangle, 4: a parallelogram, and 5 a trapezium in the 2D picture which I am rotating about the red axis next to them.

They produce three dimensional circular shapes, some of which I cannot recognize and name. I was able to identify the 1: cone, 2: ?, 3: cylinder, 4: ?, 5: ?

2 is possible a spinning top, but i am not certain. Are there mathematical names for these shapes, if so what are they called? Thanks!

2D: http://i.imgur.com/wtWptZ4.png

3D: http://i.imgur.com/y5F8QQc.png


Some people would call #2 a "double cone".

As far as I know there are no specific names for #4 and #5. Obviously they are solids of revolution, and their faces are either cylindrical or conic, but that's all we can say, I think.


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