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Aiming to explain the mathematical structure of Kahler manifolds, Freedman and Van Proeyen, in their book Supergravity said the following on p. 262-263:

One can show that a real manifold $M_{2n}$ equipped with an almost complex structure is a complex manifold (of dimension $n$) if and only if the Nijenhuis tensor vanishes.

The almost complex structure is then called the complex structure of $M_{2n}$. There us then a covering of $M_2n$ by coordinate charts $U_I$ with complex coordinates $z^{\alpha}$, $\bar{z}^{\bar{\alpha}}$. In the coordinate basis $\partial/\partial{z}^{\alpha}$, $\partial/\partial{\bar{z}}^{\bar{\alpha}}$, the almost complex structure takes the form J=$\pmatrix{i\delta_{\alpha}^{\beta}&0\\0&-i\delta_{\bar{\alpha}}^{\bar{\beta}}}$.

They add

We now suppose that $M_{2n}$ has a torsion-free (i.e. symmetric) connection $\Gamma_{ij}^k$ and that $J_{i}^{j}$ is covariantly constant $$\nabla_kJ_i^j=\partial_kJ_i^j-\Gamma^l_{ki}J_l^j+\Gamma_{kl}^jJ_i^l=0. \hspace{0.6cm}(1)$$ We now assume that $M_{2n}$ has a Riemanian metric $g_{ij}(\phi)$. This metric is hermitian if it is invariant under the action of the almost complex structure, namely $JgJ^T=g$.

Then, they say

Finally, we demand that the affine connection in (1) is the Levi-Civita connection. We then have two covariantly constant tensors: $$\nabla_kJ_i^j=0$$ $$\nabla g_{ij}=0$$

My question is concerned with the last quote, why did the author assume that the affine connection is the Levi-civita connection and why was it concluded from that that $\nabla_kJ_i^j=0$ and $\nabla g_{ij}=0$?

  • $\begingroup$ In $(1)$ it was already assumed that $\nabla_k J_i^j = 0$. Whereas $\nabla g_{ij} = 0$ is the condition that the connection is a metric connection; in particular, it is true of the Levi-Civita connection. $\endgroup$ – Michael Albanese Feb 13 at 3:30

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