I've got a question. As you know if we connect the dots on the medians , it makes another triangle inside the main triangle, so here's my questions :

  • 1. Are the line flashes drew rightly? [As the image]
  • 2. If we make the second triangle (Red one) bigger , does it have similarity with bigger one? [As the image]
  • 3. Are these lines that similar by it's flashes parallel? [As the image]
  • 4. Are those triangle's center of mass is at a same place or not?

Click here for the image

Thank you so much.


Hint for your 4th question is that all the triangles converge to a common point and that is the point of intersection of medians ie centroid. For 3 rd question Note M and N are midpoints so by mid- point theorem the lines of two triangles are parallel. So if lines are parallel then i hope you know how to make them similar and they are drawn fine.Hope you have got the questions to all of your answers.


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