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how can I calculate the area of an irregular cyclic polygon from given corner point angles ? I have a corner point angles given to me in the question. Also, What i need is a formula for finding an area of an irregular cyclic polygon by using corner point angles.

in order to do my c++ homework, I have to solve this first. enter image description here


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you can calculate the area triangle by triange. Using the Heron formula, we have, for each triangle $OAB$ $A=\sqrt{s(s-OA)(s-OB)(s-AB)},\quad s=\frac{OA+OB+OC}{2}$

With $OA=OB=1$, we have $s=\frac{AB}{2}+1$

$A=\sqrt{s(s-OA)(s-OB)(s-AB)}=\sqrt{(\frac{AB}{2}+1)(\frac{AB}{2})(\frac{AB}{2})(1-\frac{AB}{2})}=\frac{1}{4}AB \sqrt{4-AB^2}$

Now you just have to find the formula to have $AB$


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