I'm currently studying Mechanical Engineering and of course doing that I've run into proof based mathematics. I would love to do classes for it but I don't want to kill my GPA for a non major course. So far my background is Calc 1/2 and some self taught set theory through "a book of proof" by Richard Hammack.

Now I'm very interested in real analysis and complex analysis. My school requires a very hard proof based math course that follows "mathematical thinking" by Keith devlin. I would like to self study it prior to going into the class. That being said should I follow that book or would you recommend another book? course Syllabi is a link to what is covered in the course.

Also what path would you recommend I take? I love math and everything about it, but I can't afford to pay off my debt with a job in mathematics. Should I just take extra courses and courses over the summer or what?

Thanks in advance for all advice and help given.


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