I've been learning sheaf cohomology, and was interested in reading Grothendieck's Tohoku paper. However, I don't read French.

I've done a semi-extensive google search, and the majority of links end up linking back to http://golem.ph.utexas.edu/category/2010/09/grothendiecks_tohoku_paper.html, which provides a link to an English translation by Michael Barr. However, the link provided to his translation is broken.

Does anyone have a copy of this translation saved that they might be able to reupload elsewhere or email to me?

Also, I realize this might be a semi-taboo question, given Grothendieck's stated wishes on such matters, but I figured I'd ask anyway.


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    $\begingroup$ Perhaps you could email Michael Barr for a copy.. $\endgroup$
    – Bonanza
    Mar 2, 2012 at 0:53
  • $\begingroup$ This is just a personal observation. We used this paper as the text in a course in homological algebra. I read French, quite well. Even at that, I could have used a translator. I gave up and used Cartan and Eilenberg instead. I'd ask around and see if there might be a more accessible (in the sense of available) account of the topics that Grothendieck treated. $\endgroup$ Mar 2, 2012 at 2:14

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I could not get the above link to work, either from a browser or from an ftp client.

This link works, at least as of October 17, 2014: http://www.math.mcgill.ca/barr/papers/gk.pdf

  • $\begingroup$ Still works Feb. 13 2023. $\endgroup$ Feb 13 at 23:45

Here is the current link to Barr's translation (remove "pub" directory from the old rotted link).

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    $\begingroup$ This link no longer works. Furthermore, it seems like few (if any) links on Michael Barr's website works. $\endgroup$
    – fhyve
    Feb 4, 2014 at 8:11
  • $\begingroup$ @fhyve It seems that browser ftp access isn't working at the moment, but it still works fine using an FTP program (I just tried). $\endgroup$ Feb 4, 2014 at 23:16
  • $\begingroup$ can you download and send it to me ma10d010@smail.iitm.ac.in $\endgroup$
    – Babai
    Jun 26, 2014 at 20:18
  • $\begingroup$ This link does not work anymore. $\endgroup$ Jun 2, 2019 at 4:41

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