I'm totally out with solving functional problems when we need to find broken extremals, can someone show me how to solve the following problem:

Can the following problem have break (corner) points? Find extremum which could have on corner point at most

$$\min J[y]=\int_0^3y'^3\;dx,\;\;y(0)=0,\;y(3)=1$$

How should I apply the Weierstrass-Erdmann condition here? How to find broken extremals for functional problems? A concrete example is needed. I have googled and googled for an answer, but I can only find definitions but not a single example of how this is used...

P.S. $y=y(x)$. If you need any more information let me know.


Here is my own attempt. What do you think? :

$$\min J[y]=\int_0^3y'^3\;dx,\;y(0)=0,\;y(3)=1$$


Our task is to find a piecewise smooth extremal if such exists. If such an extremal exists, then at the point $x=c$, where the piecewise smooth extremal is not continuously differentiable, it must be that:

$$(\text{First Weierstrass-Erdmann condition})$$


that is:




where I have marked $y_1, y_2$ as the the two separate pieces of the function $y$. If $y_1=y_2$, then we have a only a smooth solution. Another possibility is that $y_1=-y_2$ or vice versa.

enter image description here

The other Weierstrass-Erdmann condition obviously hold for the case, when $y_1=y_2$, so lets check if they hold for $y_1=-y_2$ :

$$(\text{Second Weierstrass-Erdmann condition})$$ $$(F-y_1'F_{y_1'})|_{x=c-0}=(F-y_2'F_{y_2'})|_{x=c+0}$$







The last equality holds only if $$y_2'=0,$$

which would mean that $y_1=C, y_2=-C$, which is not a piecewise smooth curve and the boundary conditions don't hold either for this possibility.

This means that there are only smooth solutions for this problem:

Euler's equation:


$$y'=\pm C$$ $$y=Cx+D$$

from boundary conditions we get



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