Combinatorics has always been my weakest point, I want to improve it.

There are such problems like:

"Five friends should give each other gifts. They have made a gift each, as they should give away to one of the others. In how many ways can they distribute gifts such that everyone gets a gift, and no one gets the gift they have made?"

From a specfic country's olympiad.

Can somebody tell me, which text, or what resource to use to be able to learn these types of questions?


I used Bogart's Enumerative Combinatorics Through Guided Discovery in one of my courses which helped me learn much about elementary combinatorics, predictably from the title in a more "do this problem and learn the rules yourself" kind of way. You might also look at Mikolos Bona's A Walk Through Combinatorics which is more traditional textbook style.

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