In the process of running through an algorithm, I have derived the following systems of equations:

i) $1/3 + 1/3x_1 + 1/3 x_6 = x_5$

ii) $1/2 + 1/4 x_6 = x_1$

iii) $1/2 + 1/2 x_5 = x_6$

I've tried adding i and ii together, but it doesn't help isolate any of the unknowns? What am I doing wrong?


The equations have already been simplified since the other variables had the values:

$x_0 = x_2 = 0 $

$x_3 = x_4 = x_7 = 1$

  • $\begingroup$ Some of the others are equal to 0 and some 1. $\endgroup$ – sudo Nov 25 '14 at 18:39

we ca write $$1+x_1+x_6=3x_5$$ $$2+x_6=4x_1$$ $$1+x_5=2x_6$$ with $x_5=2x_6-1$ we get $$x_1-5x_6=-4$$ and with $$x_6=4x_1-2$$ we obtain $$x_1-5(4x_1-2)=-4$$ thus we get $$x_1=\frac{14}{19}$$ from here we can proceed.


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