I'm trying to encrypt a message with RSA. I'd like to do this as part of a game/scavenger hunt I'm organizing for the holidays. I understand how RSA encryption works but I'm having trouble finding a way to encrypt and decrypt the message.

I found this site to help with encryption/decryption:


but I can't seem to come up with any keys that make it easy to go back and forth for encryption/decryption of this message:

11-14-23-6 1-11 19 5-7-7-11-23

How can I come up with relatively simply keys to use? I know the purpose of RSA is to be difficult to crack but in this case it doesn't matter, I just don't want super long keys.


e = 5

d = 269

N = 493

r = 448

e*d = 1345

e*d mod r = 1

e and N are relatively prime, d and N are relatively prime, e and r are relatively prime, d and r are relatively prime.



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