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Currently I am a University Applied Maths & Physics Student, First Year Maths Tutor, Composer/Guitarist and a Real World Philosopher.

As far as accumulated skills go, I am also a computer programmer with varying experience in many languages across the 5 generational spectrum. I have a degree majoring in pure and applied maths, a graduate diploma in education and have credits in several honours maths exams and undergraduate computing subjects. I've also had significant experience teaching foundation maths and physics preparing students to start university.

There has been some discussion about reputation hunting here recently. No doubt its negative consequences do occur here to some degree, but it's debatable whether it significantly reverses the advantages of the reputation system. For me, the most interesting mathematics is that applied to the real world, which mostly involves grey area. Grey area can be very uncomfortable for some people. Human behaviour in particular, where 256 shades of grey are definitely not enough to describe what goes on there. I have a painful allergy to black and white thinking.

There are two types of people in the world - yada, yada, yada ...

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