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Just a simple Windows user merged with a need to mess around with these sorts of things.

Maybe to deepen a little. I'm a 5th year college student. I also do some programming on the side. Since college will start soon, my rate of appearance will diminish, so I'm giving my personal experience I gained while debunking countless Windows problems. It also means that most of my advice is going to SuperUser instead of StackOverflow.

For the Arqade folks... I would be a great addition to the thinking force, however, an evil Dwarf has sold my Quad Deathblow X44 Goggles to a money-mongering Goblin. (Long story short, my graphics board finally broke, after 8 years of providing joy, and I'm now using a older graphics board, that has left me out of the recent years in gaming... that and the gaming bug quietly died down).

2013-09-05 - My first Python script specifically designed to help someone at Superuser was written in a afternoon of boredom and heat. You can check out the question here and the code here

2013-09-09 - So, at last, my classes resumed. Expect my appearance to drop slowly in time.

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