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Joshua King came to Cambridge from Hawkshead Grammar School. It was soon evident that the school had produced someone of importance. He became Senior Wrangler, and his reputation in Cambridge was immense. It was believed that nothing less than a Second Newton had appeared. They expected his work as a mathematician to make an epoch in the science. At an early age he became President of Queens’; later, he was Lucasian Professor. He published nothing; in fact, he did no mathematical work. But as long as he kept his health, he was an active and prominent figure in Cambridge, and he maintained his enormous reputation. When he died, it was felt that the memory of such an extraordinary man should not be permitted to die out, and that his papers should be published. So his papers were examined, and nothing whatever worth publishing was found.

comment polynomial equations of degree 4
See quartic formula.
comment Series convergence or divergence how to test
Are you sure that's not $\cos\bigg(\dfrac\pi2~k\bigg)$ ? As it stands, the series diverges by comparison with the harmonic series. Otherwise, it would converge either by the Leibniz criterion, or by Dirichlet's test.
comment Is it possible to find an integer solution $r≥4$ to an equation?
See rational root theorem.
answered Solving integral $\int \arcsin x \cos x dx$
comment an Integral of the gaussian
answered Integral $\int_0^{\infty}\cos(a_0+a_1x+a_2x^2)\frac{1}{x^2+\frac{1}{4}}dx$
revised Find the lengths of the given curves
Minor edit. LaTeX added.
comment What can I do with half-derivative?
Try experimenting with $|\zeta^{(n)}(2)|\approx n!~$
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Added Some Helpful Links.
answered How to build the Cauchy product of $\left(\sum_{k=0}^\infty z^k\right)\cdot\left(\sum_{k=0}^\infty k z^{k-1} \right)$?
comment Is there any geometric interpretation or significance of the complex roots of a derivative?
See Marden's theorem, which is a special case of the more general Gauss-Lucas theorem. See also Steiner inellipse.
comment help with improper integral and cuberoot?
Hint: Let $t=x+2$.
comment FP3 Integration help
Let $x=\sin t$. You'll have $\sqrt{1-\sin^2t}=d(\sin t)=\cos t$. Then use the fact $\cos^2t=1-\sin^2t$, and employ Wallis' integrals.
answered Equation of a parabola: Translations and rotation
answered What's so special about the form $ax^2+2bxy+cy^2$?
comment “Solving challenging problems does not make a good mathematician” - A Small Discussion I wanted to have with Professional Mathematicians
I believe that the words “mathematics” and “mathematician” mean many things to many people. The mere vastness of the field reminds me of Psalm $104:25-26$. Some have an almost Rain Man-like ability for doing difficult computations, which makes one wonder whether they might not by any chance have a giant computer hidden inside their minds. Others impose by their logic and rigor, while others have an almost magic-like intuition. Others are great problem solvers, while others, who might not have excelled in any of the above, find answers to questions which remained open for centuries; etc.
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comment How to solve such an integration analytically?
Perhaps a quick link to Wallis' integrals would be in order here.
comment analytic solution of a definite integral
Integrate the following - No, thanks.