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Software development for me is a craft; I love it. I love creating designs that can do lots. I like robustness and doing things "the right way". My natural tendency is to pack lots of functionality, because going that extra mile keeps my mind engaged. But first and foremost to me is usability and practicality, so I like to hear back from users.

I love to contribute to the online community, which is why I have three (main) open source projects, all currently on sourceforge: lua-icxx.sf.net, pubsub.sf.net, and iof.sf.net. And also why I have decided to give it a go at answering questions on StackOverflow. What a great name too.

Next programming language on my list when I have time: clojure!


  • C++/C, templates
  • Python, Lua

Domains of expertise:

  • System and process modeling and simulation
  • User Interfaces
  • Virtual Reality
  • Interprocess communication
  • Publish-subscribe architectures
  • Distributed architectures